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Today, Technomatic operates in eight broad areas throughout Jordan and the region; offering its valued clients a state-of-the-art electronic lifestyle, which includes:




We put a lot of effort into integrating as many available devices in the market as possible into our low current systems, therefore we are able to support an immense number of smart home appliances from various manufacturers.
Looking for something smart that is not out there? No worries, we will do the research and design custom solutions for you so that we can make it happen together. Technomatic also provides two years warranty and a 48 hour guarantee to fix any problems that may occur. Further more we use EU products that are of the highest quality with prices that are afordable for you.

Technomatic Operates on Four Main Pillars to Ensure our Customer’s Satisfaction




Technology is supposed to make your life better and simpler, not more complicated. You want it to blend naturally into your home and lifestyle.
Really, you just want everything to work, and work reliably, so you don’t have to think about it. It’s just “there”. That’s what you get with Technomatic


You know that universal remote you use to watch TV – the one that nobody can figure out how to use? Imagine if it was simplified and integrated into your smartphone or tablet. Not only that, but you would also be able to control everything in your home including your lights, shades, music, appliances, thermostats, and security systems. Sounds much better, doesn’t it?


Your life, family, and home are unique. Unlike other “one size fits all” solutions, a system is infinitely customizable to blend in with your lifestyle.
If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that your life and needs will change.
A home automation system is also infinitely flexible, so it can grow right along with your changing needs.


Premier support is more than a responsibility at Technomatic; it’s an extension of our commitment to provide the best and easiest customer experience